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We pride ourselves in giving great attention to finer details, especially when building homes for long-term enjoyment,  warmth and comfort. Anggun Residences boasts 4 types of well-designed units- where each room, column and space are meticulously designed to fully maximise capacious living.

The signature column-free and beam-free layout gives homeowners an airy ambience and free-flowing space to express themselves through their interior design ideas. Luxuriously high ceilings and full-width glass windows invite natural light in, making staying-in at Anggun an absolute bliss.


Residents will revel in panoramic views from the comfort of their own bedroom. Catered for everyone’s safety and comfort, bathrooms here are designed with levelled flooring and all doors are planned with privacy in mind, ensuring no face-to-face entrances.

Designed with utmost attention to functionality and aesthetics, each unit is equipped with a 7-bolted, double-layered decorative door. The condotel-conceptualised  building is fitted with 3-tier security, and an automated waste collection system with vacuum technology, for affluent living with safety, cleanliness and convenience in place.

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